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Design, Engineering and Studies

Design, Engineering and Studies

Our company has expert staff who have experience in Engineering, Design and Studies at Electrical company.

a. Electrical Power Supply and Distribution Assessment
A detailed and comprehensive study for safe and reliable electrical power supply and distribution system. Various options are studied, reviewed and analyzed to ensure most optimum system is selected.

b. Electrical Hazard Operability (EHAZOP) Facilitation
A team-based workshop to identify potential deviation in electrical system and its impact to system safety and operability. It analyzes consequences of deficiencies which beneficial for prevention program development at the earliest possible. The workshop is crucial for:
• Evaluation and assessment of any potential hazards during operation;
• Provide critical review of system/equipment design to identify its limitation and impact to operability and security system;
• Analyze consequences with and without safeguard and provide recommendation to reduce the risk.
Benefits outcome are:
• Identified and evaluated for any remaining hazards within operation that are not identified or designed during earlier stage, therefore it will ensure safe working practices;
• Verification of “fit-for-purpose”, robustness of the design;
• Clear understanding of the assets and operational philosophies, compatibility with existing condition, practices & procedures;
• Highlight hazardous deviations, causes, consequences safeguards, and propose corrective actions;
• Recommendations to improve operability and safety of the facilities.

c. Electrical Load List
Comprehensive and proper assessment of electrical load will impact efficient equipment size, operation and maintenance strategy, and bulk materials (cable and trays) which lead to overall weight and ultimately to capital or project cost. Proper electrical load list will ensure efficient and effective load distribution center arrangement. All continuous, standby and emergency type of electrical loads are simulated with all possible operating condition and scenario. Our team strong experiences in operating companies will be beneficial to provide proper judgment and ensure Customer confidence level.

d. Electrical Equipment Sizing
Detail equipment sizing calculation and the selection of major electrical equipment (generator, transformer, switchgear and MCC), auxiliary power system (diesel generator, UPS, DC charger) and other major electrical component (bus duct and cable).

e. Electrical Reliability Study
Our distinctive probability-based reliability assessment of electrical system is recognized as critical reliability assurance. Our probability model is well-known to best reflection and simulation of electrical power and distribution system. The proper electrical reliability assessment will bring as following advantages:
1. Efficient capital or project cost with strong equipment manufacturer support;
2. High confidence level in daily operational and better preparation in operational challenges;
3. Efficient and effective allocation of spares and staffs formaintenance;
4. Less downtime (predicted availability) to electrical system;
5. Vendor list
6. Proper documentation on system and equipment reliability assurance.

f. Company Engineering Standard Development
Able to develop “fit for purpose” of company engineering standard as assurance for compliance with industrial/technical standards, rules and regulations to provide guideline for design, manufacture, inspection, testing, commissioning, supervise installation, performance and shipping of equipment consist of mechanical, piping, rotating equipment, instrumentation and control (I&C), electrical, civil and structure.

g. Value engineering
Facility design engineering optimization in all aspects to achieve targeted capital cost reduction including process system requirement, equipment configuration, facility layout (piping, civil/structure, electrical), operation, constructability and contracting strategy. The work can be performed at any stage of engineering including conceptual/Pre-FEED, FEED and detailed engineering, and will include cost engineering in each optimization area.

h. Conceptual, FEED and detailed engineering execution
Perform engineering at all project stages for oil/gas production facility (onshore or offshore) and power plant infrastructure, covering multidiscipline engineering expertise including process, mechanical, piping, civil/structure, electrical, instrumentation and control system. The experience also leverages to technical bid proposal development, project execution plan and cost estimate.