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Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Our company is expert in operation and maintenance in accordance with standard procedure that has been recognized world

i) Consultancy & Assessment

a) Electrical Plant Assessment
The electrical plant assessment is to evaluate effectiveness of organization in managing electrical equipment and share identified best practices from other facility and industries that may benefit the plant with goals.
1. Electrical equipment life cycles by collaborating equipment and system design, equipment selection and OEM reliability data, operation and maintenance data and activities.
2. Develop reliability improvement programs cover design, equipment and operations by performing in-house electrical hazard operability workshop, review operation and maintenance procedures and their implementation. It also incorporates electrical equipment life cycle result.

b) Shutdown turn-around
Provide technical services on-behalf of client on major turn-around activities start from preparation and execution complete with technical recommendation.

ii) O&M Program

1. O&M procedures

a. Plant Performance and Reliability Monitoring Procedures
Procedures are intended to aid operations team to ensure that facilities are operated to sustain mechanical integrity, prevent incident and maximize its efficiency to achieve safe, reliable and economic operations. The procedures cover:

1) Failure mode effect analysis-based operator routine duty checklist : Operator involvement with production equipment is an essential component to optimize equipment life cycle and reliability and achieving production goals. Operator then must focus on activities that fundamentally support process and program of plant reliability and availability. The operator scope is to inspect and monitor all parameters that have influence for equipment failure with higher safety and economic consequences.

2) Failure mode effect analysis-based preventive, predictive and pro-active maintenance procedures: Develop optimum preventive, predictive and pro-active maintenance procedures based on equipment failure modes taken from OEM, industries, site specific and experiences. The procedures shall be combined efforts of the operator, maintenance staff and plant engineering by considering equipment life cycle, safety and economic consequences.

3) Equipment life cycle analysis.

4) Identifying reliability opportunities that cause significant incident and performance gaps.

b. Consequences of Deficiencies Procedures
Procedure is set for operation team to operate, monitor and troubleshoot equipment for better plant reliability, availability and to optimize equipment operating lifetime by operating within its limit, monitor and corrected any abnormalities to minimize failure and avoid unscheduled outage. If plant unscheduled outage cannot be avoided, the process done by operation team can be used by maintenance team to speed up any correction tasks to run back the plant/facility immediately.

c. LOTO Procedures
Procedure is set up to prevent injury to personal or damage to equipment or the environment due to the unexpected energization, start-up or release of stored energy from any equipment or process that is under repair, maintenance or modification. This accomplished by isolating hazardous energy by affixing appropriate lockout and tagout of energy sources. Experience shown LOTO procedure that is not well prepared and trained will have impact to plant revenue (longer shutdown time for LOTO process). Optimum LOTO tools selection can also reduce capital cost.

2. Plant Safety & Reliability Initiative

Provide technical services in reliability centered maintenance workshop and failure mode effect analysis workshop.

3. Maintenance and Inspection Engineering

We will help your company in Maintenance and inspection engineering to optimize maintenance and inspection of an item or a system through the whole life cycle. Including maintenance and inspection engineering from the very beginning of design works can help ensure technical choices that are optimal not only in terms of construction costs (CAPEX) but also in terms of operational costs (OPEX). The service:
• Maintenance and inspection philosophy and strategy.
• Maintainability and inspectability review.
• Spare part strategy and optimization.
• Populate maintenance task in computerized maintenance and inspection management system.
• Manpower planning and capacity levelling.

iii) Training

1. Best Practice, Power Plant Electrical Equipment in Operation Stage Perspective: Training to describe equipment design, understand equipment failure mode and O&M program to mitigate equipment failure mode.
2. Best Practice, Electrical System Design Overview in Oil & Gas Industries - Deepwater FPU.
3. Best Practice, Electrical Equipment Project Specification.