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Power Plant Project

Power Plant Project

We have experiences and experts,
especially in the field of Geothermal Power Plant and Biomass Power Plant

i) Geothermal Power Plant

1. Modular Power Plant

Maximize asset performance with modular power plant adjacent to low pressure wells. Experience with conceptual, technical and commercial evaluation with technology selection from various technology providers globally. We can include electrical tie in connection and well pads selection in our evaluation. We have capability to perform front end engineering design (FEED), preparation EPCI scope of work and evaluation. We are capable to handle this geothermal modular power plant from 5 MW in single unit up to 20 MW in parallel system.

2. Geothermal Power Plant

• Greenfield

Experience with conceptual, technical and commercial evaluation for surface facility of geothermal power plant complete with 150 kV conventional substation. We are capable to manage and execute geothermal power plant project up to 120 MW.

• Up-rate

Experience with technical and economic evaluation of up-rating geothermal facility by increasing generating output from 185 MW to 220 MW.

3. Major Equipment Project Replacement:

Experience with major equipment project replacement start from alternative technology selection, conceptual design, front end engineering design, preparation EPCI scope of work and all EPCI stages (engineering, procurement support, construction up to commissioning). We are capable to manage and execute such as power transformer, isolated phase and non-segregated bus ducts, medium and low voltage switchgear and MCC, and auxiliary power system.

ii). Biomass Power Plant

Experience with area concept selection, alternative generation, pre-feasibility study, engagement with all parties (PLN, community and Government bodies) including permit processes, MOU development and assistance, and detail feasibility study (IFC Standard). Our comprehensive study is complete with technology selection, feed stock analysis, short term and long-term biomass supply contract, engineering analysis, PLN grid connection study, social gender and environment assessment, plantation feasibility and project total life cycle cost analysis (detail capital, operation & maintenance, fuel cost and recommended PPA contract value), preparation EPCI scope of work and evaluation. We are capable to handle biomass power plant from smaller scale up to 15 MW in single unit utilizing common vegetation such as palm oil frond or caliandra, collaborate with community forest plantation.

iii). Project Management Consultant (PMC)

As project management consultant (PMC) to provide technical services and supervision on-behalf of client during FEED stage and for EPC management including technical and project assurance, project engineering (planning, progress schedule, cost control), and technical engineering service provision including professional/experts supply.
1. Geothermal modular power plant
2. Geothermal power plant
3. Biomass power plant